Vito’s Woof-Facts

  • Male, staffy/bulldog-mix, 4 years old, 62 lbs
  • Affectionate, sweet-loving, well-behaved boy
  • Plays footsie; purrs while being rubbed; loves his doggie bed
  • Lives in foster home with another dog, and they are besties!
  • Crate-trained, otherwise loves to be near his people
  • Fairly low-energy level, a few walks a day work well for him


Quick Introduction to Vito

Ciao! I’m Vito, the Italian Stallion of Rescue Haven. Although my name is Vito, I’m not actually from Italy (I’m originally from Brooklyn-in-da-House, so I guess that’s close enough – woof)! I happen to have all the quintessential traits of a Son of Italy: I’m handsome-as-heck (beefcake status), I love great food (kibble and treats, molto buono!), my charisma is off-the-charts, and my touchy-feely affectionism has people falling head-over-heels for me! Please don’t think I’m a love-em-and-leave-em macho man, I’m quite the opposite. I guess you can say I’m more of a mamma’s boy — because I’m the kind of dog who truly loves and is devoted to his famiglia! If you haven’t fallen for me yet, here are two more things that will hopefully seal the deal: I play footsie with my foster mom (proof is in the pudding, see photo here – Vito’s version of footsie); and when she gives me doggie rubs, it feels so good that I actually purr (I guess I’m in touch with my kitty-side). We are currently looking for my purrfect family so please read on to learn more about me.


Vito’s Background

Unfortunately my Brooklyn experience wasn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. I somehow ended up at a large animal shelter in that borough, and I wasn’t looking or feeling my best at the time. Sadly, I was emaciated and had pneumonia. That’s when Rescue Haven found me and brought me to safety. Pronto, my new-found rescue friends got me the medical care I needed and have been feeding me well — like any good Italian mommas would! I’m feeling much better and on my way to living la dolce vita!


Vito’s Typical Day in Foster Home

We start our day with some exercise – my foster mom and I go on a 15-to-30-minute morning walk every day. I live with a foster doggie sister too, and she’s my DFF (doggie friend forever). Sometimes, we even go on pack walks with multiple dogs, large and small, and I love it! When we return home, it’s buon appetito-breakfast time. I’ll admit, I eat my meals with gusto (hey, if some crumbs or water happen to fall on the floor while I’m eating, I’ll make sure to slurp it up right after I’m done with my main course). While my foster mom gets ready for work – I like to stay near her and kind of be her shadow, so I can get some special time with her before she leaves for six-to-seven hours. I do fine in my crate while she’s at work for that time period, and she gives me this delicious marrow bone or another kind of treat to keep me happily occupied. When she gets back home, we enjoy our time together by going for another walk, and sometimes we go to the park. Afterward, it’s buon appetito-dinner time. In total, we go on about three walks a day – this amount of exercise seems to be an ideal balance for me – it works with my fairly low energy level and also helps with a bit of anxiety I’m currently working through where I sometimes bark and cry just a little when I miss my foster family. It’s only ‘cause I love being with them. I’m such a good boy that I never mess anything up in the house – everything is always in the right place. By about 8:30-9:00 p.m., I enjoy lounging peacefully around the house until our official bedtime comes around. At that point, I place myself comfortably on my doggie bed, right beside my foster mom’s bed, and I sleep straight through the night (buona notte)!


Living with Vito

I’m a lover of all people and get excited when I see and meet them. I just want to get really close to them and give them a big Italian hug, so I’m learning to keep all four paws on the ground and give nose rubs and kisses instead. I’d do well in many household situations given this loving personality — a family who is home more often than not seems to be better suited.

As I mentioned briefly above, I currently live in a foster home with a canine companion. She’s a large, female, 11-year-old dog, and we get along really well. My foster mom says that I’m really good with her, as well as the other dogs I’ve met so far. So I’d do well in a home as the only dog or with a canine companion. I’m not the type of dog who loves to “play” too much with other dogs – I prefer to just “hang out” with them as well as my humans.


Vito’s Medical

I am just about fully recovered from my bout with pneumonia, and I’m on the mend and feeling much better. When Rescue Haven’s vet examined me thoroughly, he looked into my ears with this diagnostic tool called a “video-otoscope” (I nicknamed it my “Vito-scope” – ruff ruff). Apparently, he found out that I don’t have ear drums – most likely due to past ear infections. Since dogs are able to have sound waves transmitted through their lower jaw bone into the inner ear (so amazing, don’t you think), I will still have adequate hearing and can hear vibrations. In general, I hear my foster mom just fine, but sometimes she’ll use a higher-pitched voice or touch me to get my attention. When I was going through this medical care, my doctor said I was a champ, and always my happy self. My foster mom says that even when taking my medicine, I’m as sweet as ever.


Vito’s Forever Home

So, here we have it… I’m a big teddy bear looking for a forever famiglia who will love and care for me in a way that I truly deserve. My humans, who can provide me with all the love they can muster. The love I have to offer is through the roof, and we are excitingly looking for the right family deserving of my affection. If you happen to have a lifestyle that allows you to be home often, that would make this beefcake of a boy even happier! So if you are ready to play footsie, hear me purr, watch me eat my food with gusto, and give each other the mutual affection of a lifetime, please fill out an adoption application and ask for Vito, your PURRscription for happiness.

Have you ever seen anything more stunning!

Click HERE for an application!

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