Apollo’s Woof-Facts

  • Male, pit/husky-mix, 7 years old, 60 lbs
  • Neutered and up-to-date on vaccines
  • Goofy boy loves to cuddle with his person
  • Adult-only home with no other pets is required; Apollo needs to be captain of his spaceship
  • Active person who can take him on long walks and provide regular exercise is ideal
  • Crate-trained and does best with consistent rules and a patient owner



Quick Introduction to Apollo

Hello, I’m Apollo. One look at me, and I’m sure you’ve already noticed my distinguishing characteristic – I have two different color eyes! It’s something called Heterochromia iridis – sounds very scientific, I know! It’s actually a rare thing (it happens in humans too) and most certainly gives me a unique look. They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and my beautiful eyes are searching for my forever home and where the next phase of my life will take me. Please read on so you can learn more about me and my baby-blues (oh, my brown one too)!


Apollo’s Background

I was with my family since I was 4 weeks old and lived in a wonderful home environment. We thought we’d be together forever and had a strong bond. Due to my strong prey drive, it was determined that it’s necessary for me to live in a home with different dynamics, hence the search for my new forever person.

Some Things about Apollo

Other than my bedroom eyes, more of my endearing traits include the following: I love to cuddle. I enjoy long walks and getting exercise. I’m crate trained and do well in my crate. And although at first I can be a bit skittish with new people, once I build my trust in you, I’ll become your lovable BIG goofball!

I also have some traits that we’ll need to continue working on, and having an owner who is patient, yet takes charge and leads the way, is the right fit for me. I do best with consistent rules and when I know what is expected of me – this also helps in keeping me calm. You see, I have some anxiety, and this can cause me to lose sight of my manners – like pulling and barking a bit while on our walks — so my person needs to be the type of individual who will continue to help me rise to the occasion, working with me through some of my not-so-perfect stuff. Point to note: I’m very food motivated and easily distracted, so we can use these things as tools. During the process of our continued learning, we’ll get great exercise on our walks, enjoy cuddle-time at home, and build an incredibly tight bond… each of us knowing our role in our household, and in our world.


Living with Apollo

As mentioned above, I’m looking for my forever human to be a patient leader so they can continue to help guide me along my path in life. I also need an adult-only home with no other pets so I can be the only pet in our spaceship.



Apollo’s Medical Needs

I’m neutered and up-to-date on my vaccines. I have a few pre-existing conditions that I’ve received past medical care for and am regularly monitored. Recently, I had lab work, an ultrasound and X-rays, and all were perfect!  I take medication to help with some anxiety issues, and I eat this yummy dog food called j/d Joint Care, which works really well with my body. It’s awesome that I currently have Trupanion pet healthcare insurance so that’s something we can talk more about if you become my forever person.



Apollo’s Forever Home

I know my name may conjure up some highly scientific missions about flying to the moon, but mine is to find my forever home right here on planet earth — so me and my person can be happy, cozy and loved in our own little spaceship. And you don’t need to have one blue eye and one brown eye like me, but you do have to fulfill other needs as mentioned above, and we can speak with you more about when we receive your adoption application. I want to be the apple of your eye, and then, in unison, we can say, “Mission Accomplished.”

Please help me find a home!

Click HERE for an application!

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