Domino’s Woof-Facts:

  • Male, mix-breed, ~3 years old, and 75 lbs
  • Fun and enthusiastic fella; active yet controlled lifestyle would be ideal
  • Sits well, gives paw, walks great on a leash (watch my video!)
  • Needs person who’s ready to provide continued training and socialization; he’s a smart boy who loves to learn
  • Keeps his kennel clean while in boarding
  • Needs adult-only home and be your one and only true canine love.
  • Tough exterior, mushy interior (like most men – ruff!)
  • Loving foster home needed.


Quick introduction of Domino

Oh-oh Domino here! How ya doin’? I’m real good! Much better now that the Rescue Haven volunteers are giving me this crazy little thing called love every day. Boy, does that feel nice! I’m a studly guy – kind of bold and beautiful – you know what I mean? So even though I can come across as having somewhat of a tough exterior, I do have a softer side. You see, I didn’t receive much love in the past, but now that it’s being incorporated into my daily life, it feels great, and we’re working on breaking down my walls and transforming me into more of a mush as time progresses. I’m kind of like this: friendly but not overly affectionate, macho outside with a softer inside; independent but like having my people around; need training but am smart and thrive with guidance.: I’m a real guys-guy, I know you get it!} To that point though, we feel an ideal forever home would be for me to find my best bud — a bromance – you know, a best-friend male-bonding experience. It would be so cool to hang with my forever buddy, and his friends too – we can go on walks, take trips to the park, play controlled fetch, and hang out at home watching football (or your sport of choice). I’m a strong fella, and I know my best bud will be too, so that works out perfectly when we are engaging in our excursions of life. So now what we need to do is find the right best buddy for me – my guy! We’ll have some work we’ll need to do together, but I’m ready, willing and able! My enthusiastic, goofy and smart characteristics will all make it exciting, fun and productive. I’m up for the game, are you?


Domino’s Background

My past is kind of hard to believe. I was found all by myself in the basement of an abandoned house in an inner-city – how I got there is everyone’s best guess. Some neighbors saw me there and were throwing food through a window so I wouldn’t starve – this went on for about a month (big ugh). Then some construction workers saw me and quickly took action. They contacted Rescue Haven, and I was immediately rescued and brought to their partner animal hospital. To everyone’s surprise, I was in excellent health! I was overly energetic, kind of like bouncing off the walls (not literally, but you know what I mean). I think a lot of dogs who were left in that situation would have reacted in a similar fashion… I was lucky to have lived through that experience. Thank God for windows and construction workers, is all I can say (woof)!


Living with Domino

As mentioned above, I’ll need to live in an adult-only home and be your one and only canine pal. Since my rescue, I’ve been boarding at Rescue Haven’s partner animal hospital and am getting lots of attention and walks from the staff and volunteers. I’m doing well there, however, we feel that once I’m in a real-home environment, I’ll continue to blossom into the He-Man we all know I’m capable of becoming with the love, care and stability I will receive from my forever buddy.


Domino’s Forever Home

Here’s a guy’s favorite part of an equation – closing the deal, so I’ll get right down to it. Do you think I can be your best buddy for life? Are you up for some of the challenges as we both work together, as well as all the fun we’ll have together being guy’s guys? If so, please fill out an adoption application with Rescue Haven. You can let them know that you are one typical guy looking to spend his life with another (doesn’t matter that your human and I’m canine – boys will be boys)!


Looking for a cool buddy??

Click HERE for an application!

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