Ernie’s Woof-Facts:

  • Male, pit-bull mix, 8 years old 54 lbs
  • Happy boy who loves the company of people; couch snuggles a must! And treats (yum)!
  • Intelligent, knows commands, is housebroken
  • Ideal in home with adults, and teenagers
  • Very bonded with his other half, Spring
  • Other than being with his canine wife, prefers to be a single pooch in the home, as he’s learning to control his excitement around other dogs

Quick introduction to Ernie

Hi, I’m Ernie, a scholar, a lover and an incredible loyal hubby! I’m part of a dynamic duo — Spring Fever (that’s my pet-name for her) is my other half. First off, we are both social media stars! You can follow us on Facebook and on Instagram #springandernie. You’ll see the great photos and videos the paparazzi have taken of us! You’ll learn how I’ve mastered the art of going down a sliding pond (weeee!), opening a kitchen cabinet (wow!), and my knowledge of commands (way-to-go!). You’ll also share in the softer side of me when I’m all cuddled up in a ball right next to my sweet girl Spring in our favorite doggie bed. You’ll see why I’m known quite well for my couch-potato charm, as that’s my favorite place to get lovin’ from my foster family — who endearingly call me Kangaroo Kid or Hop-Along Cassidy. They joke that I may be part kangaroo – it’s OK (and really not true) – it’s simply because I have this adorable “hop” in my walk. So cute, me and my other half Spring — we are full of fun and fabulousness — so please read on. And make sure to check us out on social media because this husband and wife act blows Sonny & Cher completely away (woof)!

Ernie’s Background

My girl Spring and I lived in a home with our incredibly loving human mommy for 8 years – she had rescued me from a shelter, and we were living the good life! Then our world was completely turned upside down when our mom suddenly passed away. At first, we didn’t understand what was really happening. Our mom’s family helped us through a transition process, and little by little they explained everything to us. We stayed in our home, and one family member would visit us every day to take care of us, while simultaneously trying to find us a new forever family. After months of waiting, there was no sign of a new family for either my sister or myself (terribly sad!). Rescue Haven stepped right in, and a miracle happened – they had a foster family who was willing to move into our house in order to care for us – we’d all be in our own private Idaho together. And they promised to find us a forever home. Our deceased mom’s prayers were answered when this happened, we know that for sure!

Ernie’s Typical Day in Foster Home

Each morning, I lounge on the couch patiently waiting for my foster family to wake up so we can start our day. I understand how important it is to get a good night’s sleep, and I don’t make a peep all night – just sweet dreams for me! I Breakfast time makes me happy too and we follow it with a brisk walk. When we return, I relax on my comfy blankets and watch my foster family as they get ready for school and work. While they’re out for the day, I’m such a well-behaved boy – they come home to a house that looks exactly like it did when they left – not a thing out of place! They shower me with smiles, kisses, and hugs upon their return, and we venture out for another walk followed by playtime in our yard with my canine wife Spring! After we work up an appetite, it’s dinnertime, and as usual, I’m on my best behavior as I await my food. After dinner, my main goal is to get snuggle-time with my humans – it’s the perfect way to top the day! Then off we go on one more walk to sniff a bit more of the world before it’s time to call it a night. Each night, I always make sure to give my foster family a smile – it’s my way of thanking them for such the special opportunity they’ve given Spring and me – every day for us is now enveloped with love, care and hope. I know my beloved mom who crossed over the rainbow bridge is looking down on us with relief and pure joy. The finale of our evening is when I fall into a deep sleep on the couch as my foster family listens to my snores – it’s just a sign that I’m completely at peace.

Living with Ernie

I live with my canine other half, my foster mom and dad, and a super-cool 5-year-old human foster brother. I love humans and do well with my little human foster brother. We’re recommending a forever home with children aged 15+ only due to my excitability, and sudden movements can scare me a bit. I can get excited around other dogs too (not by Spring—we’re like Frick and Frack). You see, I wasn’t around other dogs growing up, other than Spring, so we feel it would be best for me to be adopted into a home with no other pets unless, of course, it’s with my beloved canine gal (an ideal scenario).

Ernie’s Medical

I have some allergies so as long as I continue to eat my special food (“Signature Kangaroo” brand – isn’t that name ironic (hop-hop), my allergies will be under control. In my past, I had a mass cell tumor which had been removed and was medically treated. I’m one healthy boy who’s feeling great!

Ernie’s Forever Home

As you can tell, I’m happy, smart, well-behaved, attentive, a perfect balance of relaxed and playful – all packaged in one amazing doggie! I have so much love to give, and I’m searching for the home who will give me their forever love right back. We can go on walks, hikes, and enjoy snuggle time while we’re being evening couch-potatoes. Will you be the one to make my dreams (and my deceased mom’s) really come true? I sure hope so! The icing on the cake would be if you’d like to adopt my other-half, my li’l canine gal Spring too. It’s not required that we go to a forever home together, but I love her so much, that I had to mention it here, just one more time. Please fill out an adoption application with Rescue Haven Foundation if you’d like to experience all of my love,  or  if you’d love to experience all my love……

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