Hera’s Woof-Facts

  • Female, American Staff/Russell-mix, ~3 years old, 43 lbs
  • Snuggly and affectionate – this sweetheart warms her way right into your heart!
  • Housebroken, well-trained, knows some commands and learning more
  • Currently gated in area of house when alone; prefers not to be confined to a crate but working on that
  • Attended pack walks and adoption events and has met other dogs while on-leash; enjoys taking walks with other dogs and their people
  • Met gentle children aged 4 to 12 while she was on-leash and has done well, but has not been assessed in a home with children

Quick Introduction to Hera

Greetings, I’m Hera, and I have an interesting name. It conjures up so many powerful personas. It refers to the goddess of marriage and family, to a queen, a hero and even more. Of course, it would be delightful to be called your goddess, your queen and your hero – and I can be all that! But when you get right down to it, all I really want is to be your love. So please make sure to view my photos and videos on this web page, and when you take a close look at my right-side-view, you’ll see I have these super-adorable markings on my fur. They’re two big brown circles (au natural), and I call them my circles of love. One circle is for you, and one is for me. Now, all we need to do is find each other. Then, together, we will form our full circle of love. P.S. Look a bit closer, it’s not a coincidence that those two brown circles of love I just told you about seem to come together to form the shape of a heart! True story… I am a goddess who has LOVE written all over me. (Oh, one more thing, as if I didn’t have enough circles in my world already—scroll down to see how precious I look in my polka-dot dress—I call it my goddess wardrobe!)

Hera’s Background

The day after Thanksgiving, I was found as a stray and brought to a large inner-city shelter. The staff soon fell in love with me. My tail was always wagging for them, and I was excited to see them each day. After about a month, my Christmas miracle happened. Rescue Haven saved me from a future that was becoming uncertain, and I thank my lucky spots that I became part of their rescue. I was such a good girl right from the start that I kept hearing the volunteers say, “She must have been someone’s dog.” Well, we have absolutely no idea how I ended up at the shelter, but we are certain that with Rescue Haven, I’m on the path to a phenomenal future.

Hera’s Typical Day in Foster Home

I love to start my day with a good s-t-r-e-t-c-h on my doggie bed in my foster parent’s bedroom (there’s a pose in yoga called the “goddess” so no coincidence there – woof)! Next on the agenda, receiving loving pats and awesome body scratches from my foster mom and dad before going for a short walk. When we return home, a few zoomies are in order, along with a bit of play with some of my favorite toys – it’s so much fun to toss and retrieve them. Next, breakfast is served — I eat Royal Canin hydrolyzed protein kibble, which is kind to my tummy (turned out that beef and chicken were causing me some distress, so I removed them from my repertoire, and my tummy is now happy as a clam). I enjoy spending time with my foster mom during the day. Sometimes we simply lounge around (I love to snuggle); other times, I just hang out close by while she gets things done inside the house or while she does yardwork (I love the outdoors too). And if she’s going to a dog-friendly location, she’ll often take me with her (woo-hoo)! I’m a happy, well-behaved co-pilot both in the car and at home. My foster family even takes me to outdoor restaurants with them. While they dine, I’m such a good girl, lying by their feet and enjoying the al-fresco experience. My inner-goddess shines through in all these scenarios! Although I’d love nothing more than spending all my time with my foster family, I understand this is not possible, so I’m getting used to having alone time as well. Currently, I’m not a big fan of my crate as it makes me fearful — I feel more comfortable being gated in an area of the house without the confinement of a crate. However, I’m practicing and getting more comfortable with spending time in my crate, and royal treats are helping me during the training process (yum)!

To circle back to our daily routine, most days around mid-morning, we go for a three-mile walk that includes a few short sprints — not when it’s too hot though. I love our walks and seeing all the squirrels and chipmunks as we stroll through town. When we return, I’m relaxed and enjoy some rest-time. Throughout the day, we go on about two or three more walks before bedtime — sometimes it’s a quick stroll around the block to relieve my bladder, and other times it’s a longer walk around the neighborhood! Sometimes on these walks, I encounter other dogs, and if they are close by, I like to greet them with a big “HELLO”!


Living with Hera

I’ve gotten along well with all the people I’ve met so far and have happily accepted pats from admirers of all ages. Something I’ve been doing regularly is enjoying side-by-side walks with neighborhood dogs and their owners. These walks have gone quite well and are providing me with both exercise and socialization — helps keeping my girly figure while also having lots of fun! My super-friendly personality wants to say hello and play with every dog I meet. My play style can be a little over-zealous, so I’m working on my off-leash play manners so I can romp till my heart’s content . Sometimes on my walks, I can pull because I’m so excited to proceed with our adventure, but when my foster mom gives me the command, “wait”, I’m such a good girl, and I stop right away. Overall, I’m told that I’m a pleasurable walking companion. On top of that, my foster mom and I started doing a little running. Right now, she’s only up for some short sprints, and I need to make sure I’m ready for some stepped-up exertion as well. Funny thing is that in my own mind, I’m raring to go. In fact, if joggers go past me, I always try to join them – my sweet personality and antics give these joggers a chuckle! So keep in mind that as much as all this stuff is lots of fun, I’m also a star at chillin’ in the house, chomping on a good chew bone and taking a nice siesta. Perfectly fine ways to spend time each day – balance is key, as they say!

We learned that I have hip dysplasia and a heart murmur which have not interfered in the least with my daily life. Rescue Haven’s volunteers will tell you all about my medical history if you are interested in learning more. Even though I’m goddess material, that medical stuff is a bit over my head.


Hera’s Foster and Forever Home

To bring us back to where we began, another origin of my name comes from the word “haireo”, which means “to be chosen”. And that’s exactly what I’m waiting for – to be “chosen” by someone who will make me part of their home, their family. I’ll be their goddess, their queen, their hero… ultimately, their love! If you find my big brown spots and all my other endearing qualities warming their way right into your heart, please submit your application to Rescue Haven, and together, we can form our own heart-shaped circle of love.

Love is waiting for you!

Click HERE for an application!

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