Hera’s Woof-Facts

  • Female, American Staff/Russell-mix, ~3 years old, 35 lbs
  • A sweetheart, affectionate and easy-going
  • Displays nothing short of royal etiquette while walking on a leash
  • Well-trained and housebroken; prefers not to be confined to a crate
  • Has attended pack walks, adoption events and met other dogs while on-leash
  • Has met gentle children aged 4 to 12 while she was on-leash and has done well, but has not been assessed in a home with children


Quick Introduction to Hera

Greetings, I’m Hera, and I have an interesting name. It conjures up so many powerful personas. It refers to the goddess of marriage and family, to a queen, a hero and even more. Of course, it would be delightful to be called your goddess, your queen and your hero – and I can be all that! But when you get right down to it, all I really want is to be your love. So please make sure to check out my photos and videos on this web page – and take a close look at my right-side-view – you’ll see I have these super-adorable markings on my fur. They’re two big brown circles (au natural), and I call them my circles of love. One circle is for you, and one is for me. Now, all we have to do is find each other. Then, together, we will form our full circle of love. P.S. Look a bit closer, it’s not a coincidence that those two brown circles of love I just told you about seem to join together to form the shape of a heart! True story… I am a goddess who has LOVE written all over me. (Oh, one more thing, as if I didn’t have enough circles in my world already—see how simply beautiful I look in my polka-dot dress the volunteers bought for me—I call it my goddess wardrobe ~woof!)


Hera’s Background

The day after Thanksgiving, I was found as a stray and brought to a large inner-city shelter. The staff soon fell in love with me. My tail was always wagging for them, and I was excited to see them each and every day. After about a month, my Christmas miracle happened. Rescue Haven saved me from a future that was becoming uncertain, and I thank my lucky spots that I became part of their rescue. I was such a good girl right from the start that I kept hearing the volunteers say, “She must have been someone’s dog.” Well, we have absolutely no idea how I ended up at the shelter, but we are certain that with Rescue Haven, I’m now on the path to a phenomenal future.

Some Things About Hera

We are urgently searching for a foster home for me until we find my forever home, so that I can become accustomed to living in a home environment. In the meantime, I’m boarding at a wonderful doggie daycare facility. The staff there gives me attention, playtime (fetch is one of my favs) and love. They say I’m a sweetheart, who’s fairly mellow and loves to snuggle, and they would all like to see me have a home of my own. I’m smart, too, and already know many commands — like sit, drop it, wait — and I strut my stuff when walking on a leash like I’m on the red carpet (smooth as silk) with no pulling at all. I redirect my attention to the person who is walking me easily when needed (rather than fixating on distractions), and I love food and toys (absolutely no issues there). When I’ve stayed at a volunteer’s home, one of the first things I’ve done is jump right into a doggie bed that she had for me – it’s was like having my very own comfy throne, and I enjoyed it! I have been to a few adoption events recently, and everyone said my inner-goddess shone through (meaning, I was a very good girl)! I’ve also been well-behaved while integrated with other dogs on pack walks and meeting them at adoption events. I’m still learning to master the art of play around other canines so if you have another dog at home, we’d have to do a meet-and-greet to see if we were a match. I’m not a big fan of being crated, as it scares me, but we are working on this and seeing progress. Currently, I feel much more comfortable and do better without confinement. And finally, not to boast about my good looks, but seriously, can you resist all my distinct markings (in addition to the big spots mentioned earlier) – my white-and-brown fur-patterns, my many small spots, my ears, my two-faces of fabulousness – you just can’t make this stuff up!

Living with Hera

So far, the interactions I’ve had with other dogs while I have been on-leash have been positive.  I have gone on a pack walks with many other dogs my size and enjoyed that controlled environment. I am working on off-leash play manners.  I enjoy the company of my foster brothers & sisters at adoption events, as well as all the volunteers & day care family that watch over me while waiting for my forever home.  I lean in for neck scratches & snuggles every chance I get! I was recently featured on News 12’s The Pet Stop, they caught news of how special I am & now I’m a local celebrity!  (Yes I was wearing my outfit from my goddess wardrobe!)

I was spayed and am all healed from that! I have mild hip dysplasia and a heart murmur. Rescue Haven’s vet has taken wonderful care of me, and I’m feeling great!  Rescue Haven’s volunteers will tell you all about my medical history if you are interested in learning more – that stuff is a little bit over my head!

Hera’s Foster and Forever Home

To bring us back to where we began, another origin of my name comes from the word “haireo”, which means “to be chosen”. And that’s exactly what I’m waiting for at this point in time – to be “chosen” by someone who will make me part of their home, their family. I’ll be their goddess, their queen, their hero… ultimately, their love. If you find my big brown spots and all my other qualities simply irresistible, please submit an application to Rescue Haven immediately, and together, we can form our heart-shaped circle of love.

Love is waiting for you!

Click HERE for an application!

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