Kale’s Woof-Facts

  • Male, 3 years old, 28 lbs.
  • Healthy, up-to-date on vaccines, neutered
  • Bonds with his caregiver, loves to be right by your side
  • Needs experienced dog owner — his “angel” — home often & willing to continue training
  • Really thrives with other dogs; no cats; household without children preferred
  • Energetic, so fenced-in yard preferred for extra playtime


Quick Introduction to Kale

Hi, I’m Kale, and I’ve recently started my journey into a brand new world and amazing new life. Each day, I’m being taught new things, I’m seeing new places, and I’m feeling wonder about so much. I’m amazed at all the loving people who now care for me; I contemplate how soon it will be before I adjust to everything I’m learning and experiencing. My discovery of fun doggie toys, tasty treats, soft beds, long walks and car rides, all for the first time, has me completely in awe! Despite this, I still have a lot to learn and have many situations that I need to become more confident in, so my “learning journey” continues! You see, I’ve recently come out of a very tough situation and household (if you can even call it that), and I was completely unaware of all the incredible things that life has to offer. I’m just finding all this out, so you see, I need you, my angel, to continue to work with me and to help me figure out this amazing thing called life. I promise that I’ll be your faithful companion along the way, as we continue to move ahead on this precious journey together.


Kale’s Background

As I started saying, I came from a very unhappy and unhealthy situation where I wasn’t taken care of at all. It was the recent animal hoarding case in Hopatcong, NJ– you may have heard about it. I was rescued amongst 46 other dogs. It was such a huge relief to get out of that environment when Rescue Haven took me and some of my furry housemates under their wing (one other dog they rescued, we think is my daughter, Chickpea — we look a lot alike and are both super-cute). Rescue Haven had a DNA test done for me, and it showed that I’m part staffie, part sheltie, and a 50 percent mix of some others. Now, even though I’m still very afraid of a lot of things given my background, I also have a peace and happiness about me, knowing that I am safe and on my way to a life filled with good health, great care and loving people.


Kale in his Foster Home
I’ve recently been living in a foster home, and I’ve already fallen in love with my foster mom. I feel so good when I’m right by her side, and I like to give her my affection, with cuddles and sweet kisses. I’m learning to be comfortable with the other humans in my household and those who come to visit. I’m adjusting to it all, as it’s a work-in-progress. My foster mom says it’s heartwarming to see me beginning to trust new people more and more. I have canine companions in my foster home too, and I’m so happy to have these furry friends around me every day. I learn from them, and they seem to give me the additional confidence that I need as I adjust to my new life and my foster home. I’m learning how to play with them, we go on walks together, and I even take afternoon naps with them sometimes (by the way, I do have my own bed, but at times it’s just more cozy to share a bed with one of my furry pack members).

I’m learning commands quickly; I’m just about housebroken; and I’ll do just about anything for a yummy treat (how did I go through the first three years of my life without them!). My walking-on-a-leash skills are good; I love to run and play fetch, and I get so much joy when my foster mom takes me in the yard, so I can run around and play. It was a first for me to feel the wind in my face and the grass at my feet, and it was totally awesome! My little curly tail wags more often each day as I move ahead with my progress.

As you can tell, my new world is so exciting, but everything is very new. Therefore, I need an understanding and dedicated owner and household, who can continue to lead me into a life of learning, adjusting and moving forward – we’ll be in this work-in-progress together, building a wonderful forever!


 Living with Kale

I’ve only been in a foster home for a short while, so we’ll tell you what we know so far and then add to this as time progresses. I like other dogs and would seem to thrive in a home with furry siblings, as they can help show me the way. I need a cat-free home, and at this point we think a home without children is preferred. As far as my forever person, I’ll need an experienced dog owner who is committed to my ongoing training so I can continue to learn more things about this great new world and understand how I fit into the whole picture. A home environment with a fenced-in yard would be ideal so we can run and play and get additional exercise together. And great news, Rescue Haven training support is available by phone or face-to-face (depending on the adopters location) by our certified volunteer dog trainers


Medical Needs

Rescue Haven brought me to their awesome vet right after my rescue to make sure my medical needs were taken care of. I was a good boy there, and I was neutered so that’s behind me. I am taking some anti-anxiety medication to help me assimilate into my new life. We find this also assists me with my progress in training and has been a helpful tool. It may simply be a temporary need until I adjust more fully to my new routine.


 Kale’s Forever Home

Could I be your little wonder, your sidekick? I’m an incredibly deserving dog who desires to move away from my past and thoroughly embrace the present as well as the future with someone who understands me and realizes that life is a work-in-progress for us all. Are you my angel, the one who is the perfect match to take this journey with me… someone who will make the commitment of showing me the way? If so, please contact Rescue Haven. I’ll surely be your faithful and loving companion, dedicated to you — now and forever. Neither of us will ever be lonely and unloved again.



I am looking for love!

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