Kale’s Woof-Facts:

  • ·        Male, mixed breed, 4.5 years old, 28 lbs.
  • ·        Housebroken, healthy, up-to-date on vaccines, neutered
  • ·        Bonds, snuggles, and greatly enjoys time with his caregivers
  • ·        Looking for a dog lover who will help him to keep learning
  • ·        Thrives in a home with another canine companion so that’s what’s needed; no cats please
  • ·        Energetic, likes walks, a fenced-in yard would be a plus, but not required

Quick Introduction to Kale

Hi, I’m Kale. I love my caregivers and the doggie siblings I’ve lived with while in foster care. I’m an energetic boy, so I like to go on walks and run around during playtime in the backyard. Yet, one of my most favorite things is to snuggle next to my foster dad while he’s immersed in a good book. I am a quick learner and have excelled at basic commands — like sit, touch, and down. With more training, I’ll get more commands down pat. I admit, I had a rough start in life so sometimes I can get a little nervous, but I keep my head high and continue to move onward and upward. I’m doing pretty darn good, if I say so myself (my caregivers will agree)! I’m in search of that special someone who will guide me and help me learn even more about this amazing thing called life. I promise to be your faithful companion, all along the way, as we move ahead on this precious journey together.

Kale’s Background

I was rescued from a NJ hoarding case but have had the opportunity to experience normal living situations since that time. I get along well with most other dogs (male and female), and I am loyal and bond with my human caregivers. Through no fault of my own, I just lost the foster home I had been living in for the last year. I am in a temporary foster situation now, but I urgently need a regular foster home.


Living with Kale

I love my foster parents, and I feel so good when I’m near them. I give them my affection with cuddles and kisses. I’ve also had a few canine foster siblings, and I’ve been so happy to have their constant companionship. I learn from them, and they seem to give me the additional confidence I need and that feeling of being “safe”, as I adjust to my new life. Given this, we feel a home where I have at least one doggie sibling is necessary for me… this way I’ll have a canine buddy who can help show me the way.

Bragging rights! I learn commands quickly. I’m housebroken. I’ll do pretty much anything for a yummy treat. My walking-on-a-leash skills are good. I love to run and play. My little, and completely adorable, curly tail wags more often each day as I move ahead with my progress. And a big accomplishment I’d like to tell you about — I’m getting much better at being in my crate!

I’m looking for someone who wants to help a dog who’s lacking confidence to gain it – a person sincere about continuing my training so I can progress even further – it will be a win-win for us all! Another win-win is that Rescue Haven Foundation’s training support is available by phone or face-to-face (depending on the adopter or foster’s location) by our certified volunteer dog trainers so you’ll also have someone to lean on if need be.

Since it takes me some time to get comfy with new people, I would do best in a home without children. Understandably, kids like to be active and have friends over, and that just may be a bit too much for me right now. I’ve met respectful kids and have hung out with a few of them, but right now I need time to transition to a home and get to know my new family first.

Kale’s Medical Needs

I’m neutered, up to date on vaccines and have received a clean bill of health from Rescue Haven Foundation’s vet. I’m currently taking anti-anxiety medication to help me assimilate into my new life. We find this also assists me with my progress in training and has been a helpful tool. It may be a temporary need until I adjust more fully into my new routine.

Kale’s Forever Home

Do you think I can be your little sidekick? May I snuggle right near you as you immerse yourself in a fantastic book or your favorite Netflix series? I’m an incredibly deserving dog who needs someone who will both encourage and enjoy watching me learn and flourish. Are you and your current canine my “special someones” who will guide me through my journey – as it becomes our journey? If you feel in your heart that we’re the right fit, please fill out a foster or adoption application with Rescue Haven Foundation. I vow to be a dedicated and faithful partner to both you and your doggie, and I look forward to all the love we can share with each other.




I am looking for love!

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