Kole’s Woof-Facts

  • Male, Shih Tzu‎/Maltese-mix, 8 years young, 12 lbs
  • Happy, sweet and spunky
  • Walks well on a leash
  • Loves people! Enjoys baths and car rides too!
  • Would be great either in a home with another dog or being your one-and-only best pal
  • House trained and crate-trained; typically gated in kitchen when home alone and does just fine


Quick Introduction to Kole
Hello, I’m Kole, and I’m a happy and spunky li’l fella! I’m told I also have the characteristic of an old soul – like I have wisdom that has nothing to do with age but feels more like I’ve lived on this planet before. It’s very endearing and brings out just one other thing in me to love. Why, I even like the strangers I’ve met on walks and at adoption events (both humans and canines) – maybe I’ve met them in a past life too (wink)! I adore hanging with my people – being close to them, getting some cuddles and pets, or simply finding a comfy spot in my bed while in their company – it’s all good! I enjoy going on car rides – I’d just need you to put my doggie seatbelt on first as sometimes I like to jump from the back seat to the front (and we’d like to save that gymnastics maneuver for the Olympics – woof)! Oh, and I’m kind of a quiet soul – not really a barker – so great news for you and your neighbors! As you can tell, I also have a great sense of humor – so read on to learn more…


Kole’s Background

We really don’t know much about my past, other than I was found as a stray and somehow ended up at an inner-city pound. That’s when Rescue Haven stepped in. They wanted to make sure the next journey of my life was going to be good as gold, and I second that emotion!



Kole’s Typical Day in Foster Home

We’re morning people in my foster home. We rise and shine at 5:30 a.m. and proceed right outside for our first walk, prior to eating breakfast. After getting some exercise and filling my belly, I spend some time hanging out with my furry foster sister – she’s a doggie who’s equally as cute me (if we were humans, we most likely would have won the “Class Cutie” award for boys and girls at school)! I really enjoy having another doggie in the household, but don’t get me wrong, if I’m your one-and-only canine, I’d like that just as much! So my foster dad works from home, and I get to spend a lot of time with him during the day, which is a real bonus. At around 4 pm we eat our dinner before going out for another walk. Then my foster mom gets home around 5:30 pm, and it’s time for me to pal around with her. Aren’t I the luckiest?!? I have so many Best Pals in my foster home – humans and canines — and I love them all! We go for one last walk of the night, and afterward, I sleep like an angel straight through the night in my crate.



Living with Kole

My foster home has three other small dogs, and I fit right it with them. Therefore, we think I’d do great in a home with other dogs. However, if you want me to be your doggie star-of-the-show, I’m definitely up for the role of being the only dog in the home. If you have a feline family member, I’d need to be cat tested first to see how I do with the MEOW-ing kind (the cat and I would probably be around the same size – might just be a purrfect match – to be continued).


Kole’s Medical

I’m in great health, so no medical issues to report. And I was recently neutered. I healed very quickly, and my foster mom says I was a champ through the process, including when I had to take my medicine. She would hide my pill in a piece of cheese and – poof – it was all gone, right into my tummy!


Kole’s Forever Home
So while reading about me here… Have I made you laugh? Have I given you some wisdom?  Have I made you feel warm and fuzzy? I sure hope so! And I can assure you that I’d brighten up your home and blend right into the family! If you happen to have another dog, we could become two peas in a pod! If you don’t, I can be your own little love. If you are interested or for some reason feel like you’ve known me in a past life, please fill out an application with Rescue Haven, and ask for Kole, the spunky li’l fella with a lot of soul!

Kole will melt your heart and soul!

Click here for an application!

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