• 2 years old, mixed breed, 47 lbs
  • Medium to low-energy – walks and hikes are fun, but snuggling is the best!
  • Very food motivated and loves to learn – training is fun!
  • Wonderful leash manners (no pulling at all) and enjoys leisurely walks
  • Timid with new people but warms up and bonds quickly
  • Has been gentle and loving with all kids she has met – ages 4 to 13
  • Dog social, indifferent to cats
  • More photos/info on Instagram: #MilliesJourney


Quick introduction of dog

Oh hi there, it’s me Millie! Let me tell you something: when we first meet I might seem a little shy, but the real me is sweet and silly! In my foster home I am enjoying a life of snuggles, playtime (both with my foster parents and my doggie foster brother) leisurely walks in the neighborhood, and learning new things. My foster parents think I just might be the most food-motivated dog they’ve ever met (which is saying a lot, because they’ve met a lot of dogs!) so yay for me! They also say I have the softest fur they’ve ever felt – which is great, because I love to be pet!


I’m not one to dwell on the past – it’s all about the here and now, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds! But, here’s what the humans know about my past: I was found in an abandoned, vacant building with another dog. Some nice people found me and brought me to a city shelter, where I waited for 7 long months. It was such a happy day when Rescue Haven busted me out of there!

Typical Day in Foster Home

Each day I rise and shine by rolling over for a belly rub before I hop out of my bed – on weekends we sleep in, and I’m perfectly content with that! From there I gobble up my breakfast – sometimes I even eat out of food puzzle toys. Those are very fun and great for building up my confidence! After that, I go on a nice walk with my foster mom and doggie foster brother. I’m told I’m a wonderful walker – I don’t pull on the leash and look up at my handler from time to time to “check in.” After morning walks my foster mom either works from home, and I relax on a bed in her home office, or if she leaves I go into the crate until she comes home. I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of being left alone and I bark a bit when she’s first leaving, but I’m getting better and better at that. My foster mom has been teaching me that being alone in the crate is not so scary by tossing hot dogs in there for me to retrieve – yum!

In the evenings it’s another walk (or wrestle mania with my foster bro) and then snuggle time before bed. I’m a pretty medium to low energy gal so low-key nights are good with me!



My foster home is my adult foster parents, an older, larger, confident doggie foster brother, and a cat who keeps to herself. I was a bit fearful of my foster dad at first but warmed up to him thanks to his gentle patience, and the same has been for all visitors at my foster home. So long as they give me some time and some treats, I warm right up! As for the cat, I think she is kind of scary! Each time I’ve met her I’ve sniffed cautiously and then scurry away!


I am spayed, up to date on vaccinations, and on monthly flea and tick preventative. In other words, I’m a healthy gal! My foster mom does give me some pills when I go into the crate to help me relax, but that’s it!

Forever Home

So that’s me in a nutshell! I hope that we can meet in person soon. I’m sure you’ll be wowed by my super soft fur, gentle mannerisms, and sweet, trusting gaze. Perhaps you’re my forever!

How sweet she is!

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