Our Woof-Facts:

  • Male Chihuahuas mixes, 3 years old, under 10 lbs.
  • Cutest monkeys ever! (Not literally, silly, we’re bonded canine companions, and we’d love to stay together)
  • Love wearing sweaters, and a must when it’s cold
  • Dog-friendly
  • Harness use mandatory due to pulling
  • Good household manners; learning basic commands


Quick introduction to Monkey & Tango


Hi there, from Monkey and Tango. We are a bonded canine pair – a dynamic duo — we even have matching capes (well, there more like Varsity sweaters, but we love them just as much, and they keep us warm and toasty! We love to play and cuddle with each other, and we are a great balance — Tango’s the easy-going, confident type, while Monkey is a bit more vocal and needs a little time to warm up to new people. Although our personalities are somewhat different, we are equally adorable, well-behaved, low-key and full of monkey love.

Monkey & Tango’s Background

All we know is that we were adopted together as puppies a few years ago and have been together ever since. Our owners recently surrendered us to an inner-city shelter — we have no idea why. We were terrified at the shelter even though we thankfully still had each other. Even more thankfully, FernDog got word of our situation and instantly came to our rescue.

Their Typical Day in Foster Home

We’ve gotten super cozy in our foster home… so much so that we LOVE sleeping in bed with our foster mommy. It’s not something that we must do in our forever home, but we would enjoy it immensely! Hint: Monkey needs a little help getting up on the bed – he’s a half-pint (mini-monkey), and surely, a very cute one!

Our day goes something like this: We wake up in the morning and go out to potty right away (yes, we must do our business first-thing). We then have our breakfast, and about a half-hour after we eat, we go for a walk, at which point, we go potty again. While my foster mom is at work, we are very good boys who stay in our crates for about six-to-seven hours. Then when she gets home, we go potty, have our dee-lish dinner, and afterward go out for a walk for one last potty before it’s night-night, cuddle-time.

We’re learning basic commands, and with the right approach, we’ve been picking up quickly – we are food-motivated, so treats are helpful with our training (and yummy)! We listen to our foster mom, and she thinks we both have a good energy level.  Other than when we see squirrels, then our energy level gets kicked up a notch, so hold on to our leashes tightly because we have a tendency to go a little bananas at this point (wink wink)! Oh, we like car rides, and stay in the back seat of the car all polite and stuff.

Living with Monkey & Tango

We both get along well with other dogs. We’re not sure how we are with cats, as we haven’t been exposed to them since our rescue. Tango gets along well with children; for Monkey, we are not quite sure yet how he’d be in a home with kids – it might be a bit overwhelming for him… more to come on this as he adjusts to his new life with his foster mom.

Their Forever Home

We are searching for our forever family, full of cuddles, play, love, care, sweaters (hee hee) and some more basic training. Ideally, we want to live our lives together, forever — so please consider adopting us as a pair! Monkey and Tango — we hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil — just pure monkey love x2, just for you! Please contact FernDog and ask about the Dynamic Duo!

Who doesn't love Chihuahuas?!?!

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