Owen’s Woof-Facts:


  • Male, maltese, 10 yrs old, 12 lbs
  • Sweet boy who loves to be up-close and personal with his human
  • Favorite thing — his blankie!
  • A quiet home and loving human is ideal; a small and shy senior so adult home is preferred
  • Living in foster home with two other dogs; would prefer being the only canine (keeping all the snuggles for him)
  • Crate-trained; housebroken with an occasional morning accident (happens to the best of us)
  • Walks fairly well on leash; enjoys the activity, exploration and smells
  • Training is recommended to help him with some of his uneasiness



Quick Introduction to Owen


Good day, I’m Owen, and it’s a pleasure to e-meet you! My foster mom says there are SO many things about me that put a smile on her face, and I’m going to tell you about a few. First, I love to snuggle – I’ll even get under the blanket so I can get as close as possible. Second, during these cuddling sessions, I’ll reach out and touch my foster mom’s hand (hand-to-paw action). What can I say, I’m a gentlemen who still loves holding hands (it’s a lost art, don’t you think?)! Third, I’ll put myself out there showing you an even more vulnerable side… do you remember Linus from Charlie Brown and the fact he always carried his blanket with him? I HAVE a blankie too, and I LOVE it! At night when in my crate, I gather it up and sometimes even suckle on it (like a baby or a little kitty) – it brings me comfort, and my foster mom thinks it’s absolutely precious! I want to mention that I can be a bit shy at first and uncomfortable in new situations, but don’t let that fool you… once we become compadres, they’ll be no place I’d rather be than right by your side (along with my blankie)!



Owen’s Background


My previous owner brought me to an inner-city shelter when she could no longer care for me for one reason or another. Then Hurricane Harvey hit, and the shelter was trying to make room so they could help some of the affected dogs that needed to be transported up from Texas. That’s when Rescue Haven was contacted for help, and soon I was on my way to a newfound life. My beautiful white hair was terribly matted and was dirty, so Rescue Haven gave me a needed makeover, and now I’m as debonair as ever!



Owen’s Typical Day in Foster Home


We start our day with a morning walk, along with my two furry foster brothers. I enjoy the strolls, the smells, and the sights. We have breakfast when we get home, and I sit patiently while my foster mom gets my food ready – I like to show her that I’m such a good chap! I then settle into my crate while she gets ready for work – we leave the crate door open, and I go in on my own accord. When she goes to work, I spend time in my comfy bed in the kitchen, lounging around until the dog walker comes. I’ll admit, I was a little scared of him at first, but now we are buddies, and I actually look forward to his visits. When my foster mom gets home from work, I’m so excited – I jump up and down just to prove it to her! We’ll all go out for another walk and to do our business, just prior to eating dinner. As the evening rolls in, it’s my favorite time, and I’m sure you can surmise why… snuggle-time, watching TV with my favorite lady in my world! Then when it’s time to call it an evening, like the true gentlemen I am, I walk right into my crate for a good night’s rest, with my blankie close by.



Living with Owen


As mentioned before, I currently live in my foster home with two small dogs. I spend time with them on our walks and in the house, and I do OK. I can get a little jealous when they’re getting the attention, so, quite frankly, I’d prefer to be the only dog in my forever home, getting all the attention myself. I am timid and can get scared when new people come to the house, more so with men for some reason. It takes me some time to trust and get comfortable. Therefore, an adult home with a patient human would be ideal – working through these things together so I can feel more at ease. On our walks, I’ve shown no signs of being reactive to any of the animals I’ve met. I haven’t been in contact with any felines so as of yet have not been evaluated in that situation.



Owen’s Medical


Rescue Haven brought me to their vet for an examination, and no major medical issues were found — music to my ears. I do have a heart murmur that we will monitor.



Owen’s Ideal Forever Home


In closing, I’d like to sing you a song which has true meaning to me:

Oh please say to me, you’ll let me be your man, and please say to me, you’ll let me hold your hand, now, let me hold your hand, I want to hold your hand.” So, what do you think? Could you be my loving forever person who I can make smile every day, while we cuddle real close, hold hands, and watch me as I interact with my blankie? Do you have the lifestyle that enables you to be home often and the desire to help me learn to be comfortable in situations that have been uneasy for me? If you’ve liked all that you’ve read and say “yes” to the home environment I need, please fill out an adoption application with Rescue Haven Foundation and ask for Owen, the best cuddle buddy ever!


Cuddles anyone???

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