Petunia’s Woof-Facts:

  • Female, boxer-mix, two-three years old, 56 lbs
  • Kisses and belly rubs a must! And playtime with my toys (love them)!
  • Enjoys making friends with humans and other canines
  • Has interacted wonderfully with children over ten years old
  • High energy, thrives on having a routine
  • Crate trained — no messes and rarely barks
  • Knows commands, such as paw, sit, stay and high-five – needs continued training
  • Walks well on a leash, yet can get excited and start to pull and nip at the leash – learning how to strut her stuff with finesse
  • Check me out at #pickpetunia


Quick Introduction to Petunia

I’m Petunia – a total doll-face who’s addicted to love! When I first meet people, it takes only a minute for me to sniff them out, make sure they’re soon-to-be friends, before I lay on some of my flower-power loving. Before you know it, I flop right on my back, begging ever so sweetly for my favorite thing of all time – BELLY RUBS! A close-and-running second to belly rubs are KISSES, but like any good girl, kisses may not happen after knowing you for only one minute. Don’t fret though, they’re not long behind, and they are also required (both giving and receiving) as part of our ever-lasting relationship. I’m full-of-fun-and-energy, smart, and sweet. I’m also an expert at the sport of zoomies! Keep reading to learn more about me and all my favorite things (hint: TOYS!).



Petunia’s Background

I had a family once, and they gave me up – brought me to an inner-city shelter when they found out they were having a baby. I was scared and nervous during this transition, yet still remained sweet and snuggly. This Petunia started to bloom again when I was taken under the wings of Rescue Haven Foundation. A volunteer from the organization saw my photo and story on the animal shelter’s web site, wanted to help, and soon became my foster mom. What’s followed since have been hearts full of love and a home full of care as we’ve embarked on this journey together of finding my real forever home.

Petunia’s Typical Day in Foster Home

In addition to my foster mom, I live in a home with a canine foster brother named Jaxon, and we get along well. I sleep in my crate at night and am a really good girl –- I enjoy having some crate-time in my routine as it gives me time to relax and refresh. In the mornings as soon as we wake up, we go outside to take care of business – I actually do my peeps and poops at the same time (I guess I’m trying to be efficient, LOL). Then my foster mom, foster furry brother and I take a 40-minute walk. (Note to self: bring more bags on our walk because I may poop again). When we get home from our walk, we chill out for about a half hour, and during that time, I’m happy to follow my foster mom around the house and admire what she’s doing – although our house is always full of sunshine, it’s fun being her shadow sometimes. Next it’s breakfast, and we also use this time for training and/or enrichment toys – to continue my learning. It also tires me out a bit to prepare me for crate time. Right before my foster mom gets ready to leave for work, she takes me out for one last peep before I go into my crate with a yummy stuffed Kong while she’s at work. I do just fine in my crate, and when she returns, we do somewhat of a replay of our morning routine. However, our walk takes about half the time, and we use the other half for a different type of exercise, like playing fetch (oh boy) – burns off some of my girl-power energy — prior to eating dinner and winding down for the evening. I do enjoy our walks, but playtime overrules for me – I love my toys (every single one of them)! Sometimes I can get a bit overexcited when playing with my furry foster brother, so my foster mom closely watches us and uses treats to divert me when needed. She’s set up a great routine for me, which I really thrive on, and would need to continue to have a routine in my forever home.

As mentioned earlier, I shyly admit that I do love kisses… to be truthful I’m kind of a kiss monster. Yup, I’ll beg for belly rubs and kisses from my loved ones… especially when we are relaxing on the couch at night and watching TV. Don’t fret, if you don’t initiate the belly rubs and kisses, I’ll take my paw, make contact with your hand or arm, and quite frankly, place my face right near yours. All of these are BIG HINTS for: I WANT BELLY RUBS AND KISSES! So, please oblige, and note to self: Planting a kiss on my forehead and muzzle are the way to go!

Petunia’s Forever Home

One of the symbolisms for my name is: Our desire to spend time with someone because you find their company soothing and peaceful. Those are certainly things we can bring to each other’s lives. I will also offer you lots of energy, love, cuddles and more! I’ll need my forever person to continue with my training and help make it a fun experience. I’m a smart and fast learner and excel with positive feedback, so it can be fulfilling for both of us. We feel I’d do well in a home with or without another doggie friend so I’m flexible there. We found that I like being part of the action, so a household with lots going on could be just fine, or I can plant myself easily at a home similar in activity to my current foster home. Again, I can fit and grow into a number of household environments. If it’s me you pick as your very own precious flower, we want to make sure you’ll provide me with a lifetime commitment of the nurturing I deserve – including some of my favorite things, like belly rubs, kisses, toys and then some. If all you’ve read here is bringing sunshine to your life, please fill out an adoption application with Rescue Haven and ask for your flower girl, Petunia.

Let's make love bloom!!

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