Spring’s Woof-Facts

  • Female, pit-bull-mix, 8 years old, 55 lbs
  • Triple-A-Amazing: Affectionate, Athletic, Academic
  • Buddha-belly rubs a MUST!
  • Well-behaved, housebroken, knows many commands; prefers having free roam of designated area of house (vs. being crated) and does so with no incidents
  • Lives with, and deeply loves, her bonded canine other half, Ernie (we’d LOVE to be adopted together!)
  • Does well with other dogs of comparable size with slow introductions; no cats or small animals
  • A home with teenagers is recommended as fast movements of younger kids can cause her to be confused and bark a bit

Quick Introduction to Spring

Spring is always in the air when I’m by your side, and that’s because my name is actually Spring! I’m part of a Ying-and-Yang wife/husband pack – Couch Potato Ernie (my pet-name for him; fits him to a T) is my other half, and I love him to the MAX! To start, we are social media icons. You can follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Help-Find-Forever-Homes-For-Spring-Ernie-1102811546407558/?fref=ts and on Instagram #springandernie. You’ll find photos and videos that our caretakers have taken of us over the past several months. You’ll see how pretty in pink I am in my new winter coat. You’ll learn how much I love lounging on the couch covered in my blankie. And you’ll watch my canine hubby Ernie and I having much-enjoyed playtime in our yard. I’m a really good girl, and when I say that, it’s not just smoke and mirrors — I’ve been the recipient of a Good Citizens Certificate. But don’t fret, I’m not just a boring goody-two-shoes. I have a spunky and goofy side too. You know that song, “Sunshine in my eyes, makes me happy” – well those lyrics really speak to me. Sometimes, when my foster family is cleaning the house, they’ll peak around to see what I’m doing, and they’ll find me in my bed, in the upside-down positon on my back, basking in the sun – feels so radiant! At night, when my foster family is relaxing on the couch, I make it a point to flop myself on my back and then rest my head right on their legs – my sign for “belly rubs please!” Oh, and I guess you can tell that I’m somewhat or a back-sleeper! So please read on to learn more about my sunny-side-up-self. And be sure to follow Ernie and me on social media because this husband and wife act blows Sonny and Cher completely away (woof)!


Spring’s Background

My other half and I lived in a home with our incredibly loving human mommy for several years – she had rescued me from a shelter, and we were living the good life! Then our world was completely turned upside down when our mom suddenly passed away. At first, we didn’t understand what was really happening. Our mom’s family helped us through a transition process, and little by little they explained everything to us. We stayed in our home, and one family member would visit us every day to take care of us, while simultaneously trying to find us a new forever family. After months of waiting, there was no sign of a new family for either my other half or myself (terribly sad!). Rescue Haven stepped right in, and a miracle happened – they had a foster family who was willing to move into our house in order to care for us – we’d all be in our own private Idaho together. And they promised to find us a forever home. Our deceased mom’s prayers were answered when this happened, we know that for sure!

Spring’s Typical Day in Foster Home

I guess you can say I’m a morning person – I wake up raring to go! The first thing I do is give my foster family a big smile – in doggie language, that’s my way of communicating a delightful “GOOD MORNING!” Next, I eat my breakfast with gusto, and then it’s time for our morning walk — I truly enjoy getting fresh air on our walks and exploring the world around me. When our walk is complete, it’s time for my canine hubby Ernie and me to having our morning sibling-snuggle-time while our foster family gets ready for work and school. I love Ernie so much, and I know my beloved mom who crossed over the rainbow bridge is looking down on us with relief and pure joy that we are living a wonderful life together with our foster parents. After a long day of work and school, I greet my foster family at the door upon their return with a tail wagging with glee. Once they settle in, I shower them with lots of hugs and kisses before venturing out for our second walk of the day – I love our walks! When we return and after I eat my dinner, I sit with my human foster brother while his mom and I help him with his homework. I’ve gotten straight A’s for knowing my commands, so why not try to help my li’l bro with his homework — makes perfect sense to me! Then one more walk of the day before night-time cuddles and nighty-night. I have to say that by living with my foster family after several months of uncertainty, I can now rest my head peacefully knowing that after everything we’ve been through, all is right with the world for my Ernie and me, and things are only going to get better!

Living with Spring

I live with my canine hubby, my foster mom and dad, and a super-cool 5-year-old human foster brother. Through the process of slow introductions, it seems I’d do well in a home with another dog about my size or larger, who is well socialized. Of course, I’d prefer that dog to be my beloved-canine hubby Ernie (hint, hint, just sayin’!). The fast movement of little kids can confuse me and cause me to bark a bit so it’s best to not go in that direction. However, we feel I’d thrive in a home with teenagers, so that could be an awesome experience for all of us! I do have this thing for chasing squirrels and small animals, so a home with no cats or small animals is the way to go.

Spring’s Medical

I’m one of the spunkiest 8-year-old doggies you’ll meet, and my health is tip-top! I’m accustomed to a K/O diet, eating the yummy Zignature Kangaroo brand.


Spring’s Forever Home

Even though it’s cold outside, Spring is always in the air when you’re with me! I’ll bring all kinds of warmth to your life with my sunny-side-up personality! My morning-person gusto will kick-off each day with pure joy. I love to walk, love to play, love to learn and love to love. Sounds like the perfect combination! Will you be the one to make my dreams (and my deceased mom’s) come true? I sure hope so! The icing on the cake would be if you’d also like to adopt the Ying-to-my-Yang, my big canine hubby. I love him so much, and even though it’s not a requirement, what we really want is to be together – it would be our ultimate dream-come-true. So if you feel we’re the perfect combination, love plus me and you, please fill out an adoption application (and if you would, give special thought to keeping me together with my husband, Couch Potato Ernie (he’s got this kangaroo hop that’s simply irresistible)!

I will SPRING right into your heart!

Click HERE for an application!

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