Pet Surrender

We understand how difficult the decision can be to give up a pet and we will do what we can to help you. Rescue Haven Foundation (“RHF”) is a foster based rescue so there is no facility to house animals. Therefore, we need information about your pet to determine how to properly place them in the right home.

Please take a few moments to fill out our Surrender Form after reading the information below.

We ask that you complete this form with 100% honestly about any behavioral or medical issues as this helps us place your dog in the best environment.

Please note:

*Completing this form does not guarantee acceptance into the Rescue Haven foster program*

By completing this form, you give RHF permission to contact our rescue partners to help find the right placement for your pet.

Allow 24-48 hours for us to respond to you.


  1. Dogs should have a current Rabies vaccination before placing into a foster home. Legal proof of this vaccination is required. If we do not have proof, dog must be vaccinated immediately.
  2. If you have taken your pet to a veterinary hospital, we ask that you give them permission to release medical record to a RHF representative.
  3. If no proof of rabies vaccination is available, surrender should be arranged so that the dog can immediately be brought to a RHF approved veterinarian for vaccinations/tests as needed.
  4. Surrender form must be completed with ALL behavior and medical concerns noted. Please be honest as this will help us to better help placing your pet in the best environment.
  5. RHF may request a behavioral evaluation from one of our trainers prior to accepting your pet into our program.
  6. Upload a picture of your pet. Please see the form below.
  7. You will assist in transporting the pet as needed to our veterinarian, RHF representative, or volunteer if needed.