Sweetie’s Woof Facts

  • Female, hound mix, 8 years old, 56 lbs. 
  • Sweet as sugar — loves everyone!
  • Super smart, great learner
  • Medium energy level – 20 minutes of walk or play, then she’s ready to relax
  • Walks well on the leash Crate trained; just about housebroken
  • Toy-a-holic – likes to turn anything into a toy Thinks children are awesome – hasn’t been around tiny tots yet but can be assessed in that environment  

Quick Introduction to Sweetie

I’m the sweetest girl around – and my name even says so! Many things about me cause people to flock to me. I’m the type of girl who will make you laugh with my silly antics. And as your best friend, you can feel comfortable telling me all of your secrets, and I promise to keep them deep within my soul. I’m super smart and a quick learner, and I feel really proud when I understand exactly what you’re trying to teach me. I’m coming out of my shell more and more each day, putting all my trust in the peeps who care for me. Oh, and get this (you probably can relate), I’m not a morning person – I like to sleep in — so just wake me up when you’re ready to start your day, and we can go for a nice walk together, enjoy some playtime with my toys, then enjoy our breakfast! And when you’re ready to leave for work, please give me some treats and a tasty Kong, and I’ll be just fine in my crate for about eight hours until you get home. Then we can enjoy a nice evening together, filled with love, laughs, toys and the secrets you want to share about your day!  

Sweetie’s Background

My life prior didn’t have one bit of sweetness to it. I lived outside all year long, 24/7, in a car lot in a scary inner city. In bad weather my owner had allowed me to sleep in a car. A good samaritan then became aware of my situation and saw that I was living in dangerous conditions. She would visit and feed me through a fence…. she became my savior! She noticed I was getting very thin, and I was also starving for affection. It took a whole year, but she finally convinced my prior owner to surrender me over to her. I then went to live in a temp foster home, and just when I thought life was getting better, the resident dog did not welcome me at all and actually bit me. Ugh, the bite got infected, and when my savior put out a plea on Facebook for the need for help for my medical care, Rescue Haven jumped at the chance. To no surprise, they found I had been neglected medically and bred multiple times. The Rescue Haven veterinary staff gave me the best care around, I’ve gained wait and am thriving in my new foster home. And all I can say is… “How sweet it is to be loved by you… and you… and you”!  

Sweetie’s Forever Home

My personality will enable me to be a good fit in many home environments. I’m looking for someone who will provide me with guidance as I learn so many new things that this new world has to offer me. I love-to-learn and love-to-love, so we can be an amazing team — sharing a life filled with silly antics, walks and playtime, chilling out on the couch, continued learning, and of course, sleeping-in (especially on weekends)! If you agree that there ain’t nothing like a hound dog, please fill out an adoption application and ask for Sweetie! #savingsweetie


Sweeter than sugar!