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When we got the call on Sunday evening about a dog who was adopted out by an organization that calls themselves a” rescue” we were mortified at what we heard. A young couple went to meet a dog at a “foster home” and they were horrified at what they saw (details have been provided to law enforcement). This particular dog was emaciated, filthy, and they knew something more serious was wrong. Despite the shady history provided and not being given any medical records, the couple couldn’t bear to leave her in those conditions. The “rescue” handed her over with no contract, no paperwork, nothing at all. Once they took her home, they realized how sick she really was . She was vomiting, had diarrhea, wouldn’t eat and became lethargic.

They brought her to the emergency hospital and had a screening blood test done that showed she had advanced diabetes, her blood sugar was over 600 and normal is around 125.

While waiting at the hospital they reached out to rescues for help realizing they were not in the financial position to give her all the medical care she desperately needed. When we got the call, we couldn’t say no. We are disgusted because not only does this make legitimate rescues look bad but it is immoral for a “rescue” to adopt out dogs without any medical treatment, in poor condition and no contract with adopters. Today she was transferred to our Veterinary partner at Verona and Montclair Animal Hospitals for further testing and treatment.

From Dr. Scriff:
“Angie was brought to our Montclair Animal Hospital and immediately a comprehensive examination was performed. She is extremely thin and may be considered cachectic. Her abdomen is sagging probably due to weak muscles that makes her suspicious for possibly having Cushings Disease, caused by too much cortisone in her body. In addition to the diabetes, she was found to have quite a few other medical issues.
She had chemicals in her blood that developed because of how long she had been a diabetic without proper treatment. Her X rays had a suspicious area in her lungs and her heart seems to be enlarged. The ultrasound of her abdomen showed an area in her liver that may be a cyst or a tumor (black circle in ultrasound pic below!!) Both her X rays and ultrasound were emailed to a veterinary radiologist for his opinion.
She also has Pancreatitis, a very painful condition that causes nausea and vomiting. Additional testing showed that she has Lyme disease and Ehrlichia, another tick born infection.
She was immediately started on intravenous fluids, pain medication, treatment for nausea from the pancreatitis and insulin. Because of how advanced her diabetic condition was, she required hourly injections of a very specific and expensive insulin and hourly blood sugar evaluations. By the end of the day her blood sugar level had dropped quite a bit but was still not normal.
She was transferred tonight to the Emergency Clinic in Lyndhurst for overnight care and tomorrow she will be picked up and brought to the Verona Animal Hospital.

Diabetes is a very serious illness but in addition to this, she has quite a few suspicious abnormalities that may turn out to be more significant.”

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