Brock’s Woof Facts

  • URGENTLY needs foster home, currently in boarding facility
  • Male, blue nose pit, approximately one year old, 57 lbs
  • LOVES EVERYTHING: walks, runs, smells, snuggles, dog park, car rides, people, canines, treats… THE LIST IS ENDLESS
  • Tail wags with glee every time he meets people and doggies
  • Recommend adult-only home due to playfulness and mouthiness of a puppy (see more below)
  • Having a canine buddy of his size and play style would be awesome
  • Crate trained and just about house broken
  • Sits and waits for food like a perfect gent



Quick Introduction to Brock

I’m Brock, an adorable youngin’ – who’s kinda like a little kid in a big body (so I’m still learning new things). However, I happen to walk on a leash like a pro… I like to look at everything and everyone, as I don’t want to skip a beat! When I’m in my play zone, I am focused, yet when it is time to do my business, I get that job done too. When we go outside, I have lots of energy, and I understand that outside means playtime, so I take advantage of every minute of it. I love treats, and I always sit and take them super gently. I enjoy playing with my toys too. When a volunteer from Rescue Haven had me stay at her home for a while to give me a break from the kennel, I enjoyed being right by her side. When we were watching TV, I liked to put my paw or body right near her. And when it got close to bed time, I rested my head on her heart and look straight into her eyes (“And they called it puppy love”). You see, I’m a snuggle champion – nuff said!


Brock’s Background

I was surrendered to a large inner-city shelter when I was only 9 months young, by the people who I thought were my family. Apparently, they bred me in their home, had too many dogs to care for and ended up giving me up, just like that! I was young and scared when that happened, but I ended up hitting the jackpot when Rescue Haven Foundation rescued me and brought me into their family. At that point, the first 9 months of my life were behind me, and I was ready to start my true journey.

A Typical Day for Brock

I’m currently living at a boarding facility, and I’m doing well. The people who work there LOVE me! They give me a balanced life, which is what I need. So I get a good amount of exercise – I Iove to play fetch – and a good amount of chillaxin’. I love to play with my toys and chew on doggie bones. And when I go into my kennel, they give me a stuffed Kong filled with either cream cheese or frozen pumpkin, and OMG, it’s da bomb!


Living with Brock

It’s ideal for me to have structure, routine and a schedule. You see, I’m only about a year old, so I still need to learn some new things. Like, I can be mouthy – and it’s typically when I’m either bored or overstimulated. So just like humans, a balanced life is key for me. And also like some humans, I come with my own personal trainer — Rescue Haven has a trainer that will follow me to my foster and forever home, at no fee, to help me as I adapt to my new home and learn how to to overcome my puppy mouthiness.


Brock’s Medical:

I’m neutered, up-to-date on vaccines and microchipped. That translates to…it’s all taken care of for you!

Brock’s Forever Home

A forever home that can provide me with a daily routine/schedule and a good balance of both exercise and chillaxin’ is ideal. I love to be told that I’m a good boy (and I really am a good boy, so it’s not just words). I’ll make an amazing loyal companion to my forever humans. And, I know it’s not all about playtime, so we can relax and cuddle, with my head placed close to your heart, looking straight into your eyes, in puppy love. Please fill out an adoption application with Rescue Haven Foundation, and ask for the Brock, the Snuggle Champ – nuff said!

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