Daisy ~ A Pocketful of Sunshine!

Daisy ~ A Pocketful of Sunshine!

Daisy’s Woof-facts

  • Female, Chihuahua, 4  years old, ​ Radiates love with her kisses, cuddles and more
  • Walks well on a leash and enjoys playtime
  • Gets along with other dogs – especially her canine BFF named Taco
  • Takes a little time to warm up with introductions to new people and new doggies, but before you know it, she becomes her human’s lap dog and is doggie dancing with her canine pals

Quick introduction to Daisy

I’m Daisy, and I’m a pocketful of sunshine. I love kisses, pets, cuddles, tummy rubs, taking walks and playing with my toys. My most favorite place of all is lounging right in my human’s lap – my motto: cuddle time can be anytime! I also like to share snuggles with an extra-special canine named Taco, who’s my doggie brother from another mother. As you can tell, I’ve got a little bit of everything in this teeny-tiny body, and I’m ready to share all of my sunshine with you.    

Daisy’s Background

I was adopted through Rescue Haven Foundation about 3 , and I thought I was living the dream with my forever family… this dream also included being with my BFF Taco (who I mentioned above). Taco and I thought all was going well, until something happened to our family structure. To our surprise, Taco and I were both returned to Rescue Haven due to no fault of our own, which has left us looking for a new family. And this time, we want to be sure that we find our true “forever” family.    

Daisy’s Forever Home

I’ve heard that the eyes are the window to the soul, and I’ve been told that if you look into my eyes, they’ll shoot virtual love arrows straight to your heart. Like Cupid! So are you ready to fall in love with me? I promise to love you forever! And if you’re ready for love x2, you can adopt my bestie Taco too, so we can be together forever. Imagine, a life with two tiny-tots filled with kisses, cuddles, belly rubs and then some!

Please fill out an adoption application with Rescue Haven and ask for Daisy, your pocketful of sunshine. And if you can, please remember my BFF, Taco – he loves when my petals of love fall upon him.  

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