Genesis’ Woof-Facts

  • Female, Affenpinscher-mix
  • 12 years old, 11 pounds
  • Sweet and gentle soul Loves to be held, receive pets, and give kisses
  • House- and wee-wee pad trained; leashed trained
  • Gets along with other dogs but has no problem doing her own thing
  • Low activity level  
  • Vision-impaired (due to cataracts) yet gets around just fine with a little guidance  


Quick introduction to Genesis

Hello, I’m Genesis. My humans brings light to my day, and I make sure to “greet” my foster mom whenever she enters the room. You know, we chit-chat a bit (doggie-talk), and then I tag along with her around the house and keep her company. When I’ve had enough excitement for the moment, I enjoy settling into my cozy bed and taking a comforting nap. I take multiple naps a day actually, so my nickname is not only Genie, but I’m also referred to as Sleeping Beauty. You’ll notice that my hair has a bit of that scruffy-style… I say it’s my alter ego showing off my wild-side (wink)! Oh, I love to eat my meals, with cheese happening to be my favorite treat. “Say cheese” and I’m all yours!  

Genesis’ Background

Who knows how, but I ended up as a stray dog in NYC. Can you imagine, little me, found wandering around a city park all alone? Someone found me and brought me to a large city shelter. My light of hope came when Rescue Haven Foundation arrived at the shelter to take me under their wing. And my new beginning commenced.  

Genesis’ Typical Day in Foster Home

We are early risers in my foster home. I have multiple canine foster siblings who wake up at 5:30 a.m., so I’m up too and ready to start the day. First on the agenda, we go outside to do our business. Next, breakfast-time! After I’ve savored my meal, I like to go back to my bed for a cat-nap. My foster parents are both home (spoiled!) so I always have company – our day includes going for a walk, getting some cuddles, taking a nap, having some treats – then repeat, repeat, repeat. I’m easy going so the day goes by peacefully. We’re early dinner eaters as well, about 4 p.m., and before we know it, it’s time to relax for the evening, with just one more trip outside to do our business. If I need to go to the bathroom overnight, I know how to use a wee-wee pad, so all good there! I don’t do stairs, so my cozy bed is on the first floor of the house, which is perfect! My foster parents carry me up and down the stairs if need be… I’m such a petite girl, so it’s easy-peasy.

Living with Genesis

We feel I’d do fine in a home either with or without other dogs. I get along with my canine friends, but I don’t interact with them often. When I travel in the car (which I’m not a particular fan of, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do), I’m crated – my foster mom keeps me safe that way! We haven’t seen me interact with cats as of yet, so we’d need to evaluate me in that situation if you have a feline family member.

Genesis Medical

I have some healthcare that Rescue Haven has been helping me with. I need a home to help continue my care.. I have an inguinal hernia, vision impairment and breast cancer, Don’t let that scare you off – you would never know that I’m sick. I’m a happy, content pup who loves life!   Genesis’ Forever Home I’m looking for my forever person(s), my guiding light, and whoever you are, I’ll brighten your world with my love and gentleness. I’m easy to please, I love to love, and I’m ready to commence my new beginning with you so we can enjoy our precious time together. Please feel out an adoption application and ask for Genesis… your gentle woman, quiet light.



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