Jack & KitKat’s Woof-Facts

• 2 Chihuahuas, 5 years old – 9-lb male; and 7-lb female
• Most. Bonded. Siblings. Ever.
• Two hearts that beat as one – will be adopted as a pair
• Sweet and loving – and off-the-charts adorable
• Crate trained, house trained, leashed trained
• Get along with other canines, as well as dog-respectable children

Quick Introduction to Jack & KitKat

Hey-Hey! You’re not seeing double! We’re Jack and KitKat, and we’re here to share our brotherly and sisterly love. Although we are small in size, our bond is immense. Whether we are lounging around the house, hanging out in our Pack ‘n Play, or just horsing around, we are never more than one room apart. We even sleep together, either inside or outside of our crate, and we groom each other too. We also have lots of love in our hearts for our humans. So get ready for a double-dose of lap-dog cuddles and playtime fun! We truly are two peas in a pod, and we are searching for our forever pod with you!

Jack & KitKat’s Background

Rescue Haven Foundation found out that a neighbor’s family member was moving and was not able to take her dogs (those dogs happen to be us!), and that we were going to be put greatly at risk by being posted on craigslist by another family member (a big no-no). Rescue Haven immediately jumped into action to get us to safety – and that’s how we ended up in their caring hands! We are healthy, have adjusted to our foster home and are ready to begin the next phase of our sibling adventure.

Jack & KitKat’s Typical Day in Foster Home

We are morning people (and doggies) in our foster home, so we wake up about 5:30, and side-by-side we begin our day, starting with a morning walk. When we return home, we eat our breakfast very enthusiastically. Truth be told, we both eat very fast, so we are using slow feeders to train us on how to slow down and savor our meals (yummy-yummies for our tummy-tummies). Our foster dad works from home (a bonus we both enjoy!), so he takes us on more walks and engages with us in playtime throughout the day. Although we are a completely bonded pair, we are very open to hanging out with other doggies. And we do just that with our foster sister, who shares in the daytime activities with us. After we’ve all exerted our energy, we take afternoon siestas until our foster mom comes home from work. We eat dinner around 4 p.m., and afterward enjoy quality cuddle time with both of our humans. At around 8 p.m. we settle into our crate, together as soul siblings, for a good night’s rest – our foster mom just uses the command “crate”, and we walk right in (good-good doggies)!


Living with Jack & KitKat

We both have great house manners and don’t bark at all while we are inside. Rescue Haven had a volunteer meeting at our house recently, and we simply joined the fun, hanging around, fitting right in with all our human friends. We enjoy our outdoor walks — we can pull a bit on the leash, and one of us can sometimes bark at other dogs or people (I admit, that’s me, KitKat) — so we’re learning better leash manners and making good progress. We also enjoy outdoor time with our humans when we lounge around together on the backyard deck (getting some natural Vitamin D). When we go on car rides, our foster mom puts us in a crate for safety, and we are great travelling buddies. When our foster parents go out, and we are left at home, we are gated in the kitchen and do well with that type of situation. Even though we groom each other, kind of like cats do, our foster mom has experienced that we actually bark a lot at cats, so a feline-free home would be purrfect for us.


Jack & KitKat’s Forever Home

Do you believe in that expression “two is better than one”? Have we succeeded in winning your heart over with our off-the-chart cuteness x2? Do you feel that your pod would be the perfect place for two peas like us? If your mission is to provide us with the love and care that our two hearts truly deserve, please fill out an adoption application with Rescue Haven and ask for Jack & KitKat, the Most. Bonded. Siblings. Ever.

Two is better than one!

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