Petunia’s Woof-Facts:

  • Urgently in need of foster home
  • Preferably adult-only home due to her high-energy level
  • Recommend dog-savvy person to continue her training
  • Female, mixed breed, two-three years old, 56 lbs
  • Gets excited when meeting new people and dogs; responding to the notion that taking introductions slowly and politely reaps great rewards (including treats!)
  • As her BFF, kisses and belly rubs are a must! And playtime with her toys!
  • Crate-trained; thrives on having a routine; already knows some commands, and her yearn-to-learn attitude will assist in learning more
  • Discovering how to strut her stuff on a leash with more finesse


Quick Introduction to Petunia


I’m Petunia – an exuberant flower girl who’s urgently searching for a foster home and also seeking a forever home. Deep inside, I’m addicted to love, but I get uneasy when I first meet new people and dogs. I’m just not the type of girl who’ll jump right into the arms of anyone. I need to take it slow, as I want to make sure these newbies are friendly before I pledge my love to them. I can get scared and bark at first, but we’ve found that when yummy treats are part of the program, it makes the getting-to-know-you process smoother. So please be patient with me, and after a while, I’ll flop right on my back, begging ever so sweetly for my favorite thing of all – BELLY RUBS! A close-and-running second to belly rubs are KISSES. Note: Kisses won’t happen as quickly, but don’t fret, once I’ve fallen for you, they are required (both giving and receiving) and will be part of the relationship. Abundance of energy, abundance of love, searching for my abundant life.

Petunia’s Background

I had a family once, and they gave me up – brought me to an inner-city shelter when they found out they were having a baby. I was scared and nervous during this transition, yet remained a sweet girl. I started to bloom again when a volunteer from Rescue Haven Foundation saw my photo and story, and I was brought under the wings of their organization.


Living with Petunia

The recommendation is for me to be in a foster and/or forever home with a dog-savvy person or with someone who is excited to work with one of Rescue Haven’s awesome trainers – this way, my learning can be continued. We feel I’d do well in home as the only dog . I’ll need regular exercise each day due to my high energy level so hopefully you’ll be up for that.

Petunia’s Forever Home

Have you heard the expression, “Work hard. Play hard.”? My twist on it is “Work hard. Play hard. Love hard.” And that’s pretty self-explanatory. My foster family will need to continue my training so I can bloom into the bestest Petunia in the garden — that’s our “work”. We’ll need daily “play” for exercise and stimulation. And for the greatest gift of all, “love” – ours will include belly rubs and kisses, for sure – I’ll just need you to be patient with me as I warm up to new things. If you want some flower power in your life, please fill out a foster application with Rescue Haven, and make a shout out that you “Pick Petunia!”

Let's make love bloom!!

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