Taco’s Woof-Facts

  • Male, Chihuahua, 2 years old, 7 lbs
  • Kisses and tail wags, oh boy – dame un beso!
  • Sweetie pie, enjoys being held, sitting on your lap and playtime
  • Gets along fabulously with other dogs, especially loves his dear canine friend, Daisy
  • Crate trained; good doggie manners, walks well on a leash


Quick Introduction to Taco

Hola! I’m Taco, and my name has a story behind it: I was rescued on National Taco Day, and for me, that was the best day ever! Also, did you know that the Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog and is named after a state in Mexico? Therefore, you’ll hear me say some words in Spanish as I tell you about myself. I promise, none of these things I’ve just mentioned have anything to do with the Chihuahua who starred in the Taco Bell commercials – we are not related (although, I have to admit, he is quite as adorable as I am). I’m an active, little tyke – who loves to play, give kisses, be held, and find a spot right on your lap when we’re taking a siesta together. My tail is always wagging in an effort to show you how happy I am. I’m crate-trained, and it only takes me a few minutes to settle in before I sleep right through the night like an angel. I get along great with all the other dogs, and I have an extra-special BFF named Daisy, who is my canine sibling (we are not blood related, but we are siblings in all other ways, through and through). I have good house manners, have gone through obedience training, and have learned how to make my little legs strut my stuff while walking on a leash with the grace of a salsa dancer. I’m the kind of doggie who aims to please, so I make it a point to excel in all these areas. Please read on so you can learn more about me – your potential muchachito!


Taco’s Background

About a year ago, somehow I became a stray and was on the streets all alone. I ended up walking into a hair salon of all places at an attempt to get off the streets and find help. It was a great strategy because that’s when Rescue Haven was contacted, and I soon became a foster dog in their rescue group. I was quickly adopted and was living in a home with another doggie named Daisy (she’s my bestie who I told you about). We thought all was going well, until, unbeknownst to us, something happened to our family structure. Then to our surprise, Daisy and I were returned to Rescue Haven – due to no fault of our own, I will emphasize – which leaves us looking for a new family. And this time, we want to make sure that we find our true “forever” family. And mark my words, I’ll look forward to celebrating National Taco Day each year with my forever family as well tell each other “Yo Quiero Mucho”!


Taco’s Forever Home 

After reading this, I’m sure you’re just as excited about National Taco Day as I am, since now you understand why that’s such an important milestone in my life! I’ll be great company for many types of people and households. I can sit on your lap while we’re watching TV, give you kisses, wag my tail, and, without a doubt, go with you on walks as I show you my smooth salsa moves. And if you are ready for double the fun, you can adopt my bestie Daisy too, so we can stay together forever. Then we can play, play; love, love, rest, rest play, play, love, love, rest, rest, and repeat, repeat! 

Please fill out an adoption application with Rescue Haven and make sure to tell them… Yo Quiero Taco! And don’t forget about my BFF, Daisy! I love her mucho!


Say Chiiiiiiiiiii!

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