Sponsor Elroy

Name: Elroy
Age: 6 yrs
Breed: Amstaff/Bulldog mix
Loves: Chest scratches, car rides, leisurely strolls, sun bathing, being a creepy guy, dinner, deer antlers, treats
Dislikes: Nail-trimming (filing is cool), car ride to the vet, vacuum attachments, motorcycles/loud trucks, people running towards him
Needs: Fresh Pet dog food, sessions with his trainer, heartworm prevention meds (monthly)
Wishlist: https://rescuehaven.org/wishlist/Elroy
Adoption Status: Available

What can we say about our boy Elroy? He can be a bit protective of his space and person(s), resulting in a display of reactiveness with new people and/or dogs. As with most dogs, a slow introduction is generally recommended. Our special guy will need to go a smidge slower, but Elroy is the super sweetest mush when given the time/space to break out of his macho man exterior.

Elroy is quite the ladies man, and prefers the company of women. We are finding he responds better with meeting strangers outside of his foster home as he is less protective and curious about new environments. He is very low maintenance and highly intelligent. He’s content with the simple pleasures of life and only needs the basics to thrive.

Additional sessions with his trainer would further benefit him for permanent placement.