Sponsor Toby

Name: Toby
Age/Gender: 7 yr old Male
Breed: Yorkie
Loves: Being spoiled by his foster family
Dislikes: We’re not sure yet!
Needs: Specialized medical care and frequent vet visits
Wishlist: https://rescuehaven.org/wishlist/Toby
Adoption Status: Not Yet Available

We received an urgent plea from Westwood Regional Animal Hospital to help Toby, who came from a loving home. Due to his mom having major medical issues herself, she was no longer able to manage Toby’s ongoing medical care. Toby recently required multiple hospital stays, so upon his last admittance, euthanasia or surrendering him were his owner’s only options. Without hesitation, we stepped in to help this sweet boy.

Some of Toby’s medical conditions are still being diagnosed, and he is still receiving ongoing treatment. He has chronic pancreatitis, thickened intestines, and a liver infection. He will require scoping and biopsies to determine his other conditions. After he was stable, Toby was released from ICU to our foster family and is much happier at home!  He will continue his medications and will require frequent visits back to the hospital for blood work and follow ups. But in the meantime, he is enjoying being spoiled by his foster mom and sister!

 Check back here for Toby’s Medical Updates!